TWH-Tai Wan Hotel, Hong Kong, China

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Packing tape ceiling
Packing tape ceiling
First room I stayed in -- note duct tape on the ceilings
First room I stayed in -- note duct tape on the ceilings
Window Coverings - nice touch
Window Coverings - nice touch
Second room I stayed in
Second room I stayed in
this was our room, check out pictures and compare!!
this was our room, check out pictures and compare!!
the view out of our bedroom
the view out of our bedroom
corridor to the room, wires everywhere, spiders and bugs on the cellings
corridor to the room, wires everywhere, spiders and bugs on the cellings
Bathroom mold
Bathroom mold
TWH-Tai Wan Hotel, Hong Kong China street/mailing addressAddress: Block A, 3rd Floor, Chung King Mansions, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
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Average price: $47



I booked and paid for this accommodation through before my trip, but I was told that I had to pay again when I arrived at this "hotel". Of course I refused to pay, and fortunately the staff found my name on the booking list eventually but he never apologized for the mistake. I also didn't like the way I was questioned like I was some sort of criminal.

I was told to leave my luggages and go for a walk as my room wasn't ready. I knew I arrived earlier than the check-in time and was happy to wait but I was not prepared to leave my valuable stuff in a dump away from the reception area where nobody would keep an eye on for me.

When it was almost mid day, I was told that I would be given a single room with no bathroom in it even though I had booked for a room with a private bathroom. Showing the wotif document didn't seem to help so I had to beg!!! In the end I did get my private bathroom but I felt it was given to me purely out of kindness and sympathy.

Hotel location: close to a MTR station

Room: I am ok with a small room but I can't stand no hot water!

Staff: Rude and not very helpful

Security: Minimal - I didn't feel safe to leave my stuff in the room.

Free internet in the room: the phone line socket was broken

24 hour front desk: not true, they only open at 9am

Would I stay at this accommodation again? Absolutely not! I never felt so miserable on holiday.

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For heaven sake dont book to stay with HOSTELHK. I prepaid my stay becase they offered a large discount. When i got there the room was so tiny that i could stand and strech my arms and both arms would be touching each walls. On top of that the bathroom is the size of peanut. They squash the toilet, sink and shower into a tiny space. Its impossible to have a shower. They advertised nice photos on their website [-] but what they dont show u is that their rooms r horrible and the size of a pinball. They have a 70% discount promotion on their website. Dont be fooled. Its a gimmick designed to look as thought you're being offered a large discount. Its just there to make u assume that u r saving a lot of money for a nice apartment. I left the place after 1 day and when somewhere else which was 10x better. The studio is large and clean, with kitchenette, large bathroom, wi fi, and NOW tv to watch english premier league football for 5000HKD a month.

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this is the worse place I have ever been to .I have traveled all over the world staying in budget places, I am not spoiled; The owner treats you like you are trash from the very first moment. It's located in a very questionable building. Its Dirty, extra small, sleazy Pictures are very deceiving the place doesn't look even half as good. We left after one day because we couldn't stand it. Will never ever go back

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Don't stay here or u may get an UNEXPECTED place to sleep

a small hostel manage by a couple of staffs,

that sounds warm and friendliness? absolutely NOT !!

they said they have a lot of rooms available BUT the booking is USELESS,

u may got a small one even u're booking for a large room

(i have booked for a family room but i did got a single room. [--]?)

or he may give u a blanket and let u sleep on a floor

(i have two ppl sleep in front of the room)

everything is on his decision.

if u're asking for what u have booked? he will attempt to kill u then

if u said u'll move to stay other place, he will throw out ur luggages (also camera bag)

this hostel is located in a big city. Yes, u can easily to get a subway (2 blocks walk)

but it's so noisy that make u can't sleep at night

and it'll be a big problem if u got a room with broken window

it would better to try any others hostel which are located around there

not even stay in the same building but different floor (the building is quite old and dirty)

here are facilities:

- stinking pillows and blankets

- broken window and a lot of mosquitoes

- clogged pipes

- slum and [--] environment

- uncontrollable hot/cold water

- explosiveable bulb

- no lock door

- bad attitude staffs

Travellers may be duped by using various name like

- Kowloon hostel

- Taiwan hostel

- Oriental Pearl Hostel

- Li's Hostel

- ChungKing Hotel

- Hong Kong Downtown Backpackers

- Tsim Sha Tsui Hostel

The best way to be saved is not to stay in Chungking Mansions building

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The hostel smells like a pig pen. We transfered to a nearby hotel the following day eventhough we're booked for 3 days. Too many hidden charges and deposits. The owner / manager is rude.

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Booked my trip through hostels,com, Li's hostel looked really good for the price, check out the pictures on the website, it looks really quite nice, i was really amazed when i arrived, it was through a dodgy indoor market, up a lift (no visible stair access) which we waited in a line for EVERY time for about 10 minutes, when finally getting the key to our room and arrived it was shockingly bad, the room was small, fair play you dont expect much for the price but it was so small you could hardly move, that didnt bother me as much as the cleanliness, it was so dirty, hairs on the bed, no sheets, and stains on the mattress, ended up leaving after 5 nights stay didnt sleep from all the noise from surrounding rooms, definately wouldn't recommend it to lone women travellers, lots of dodgy blokes trying to sell drugs on the doors to the market and overall not pleasant at all!! real shame because hong kong is gorgeous and apart from the hostels in our block it was a fantastic trip and we ended up staying in a beautiful hotel for the last 2 nights (the stanford in kowloon) it was like a 5* hotel, fantastic service, spotlessly clean, slightly out of the way but easy access to everywhere.

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Please do not make the same mistake me and my wife made...DO NOT STAY IN THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!

The owner tried to charge us extra, we didnt wanne pay and then he threathened us with an iron stick!!!!!!!!

We left the place and went to the police but the said they couldnt do anything about it ...

Anton, Klaartje


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My wife and I just spent a week in Hong Kong. We started out at the Li's Hostel at Block A, 3rd Floor, Chungking Mansions. This place is disgusting - gross. This is by far the worst place I've stayed in my life and I'm embarrassed to have put my wife through hell we went through there. We ended up forfeiting our "pre-paid" hotel costs as we simply could not stay there any longer.

*Dirty awkward entry into "hotel area" (using these words lightly here)

* Arrived at 1:30am and no one to check us in and we had even pre-booked and arranged our arrival at that time

*hotel "manager" was a slime. Snake oil salesman who tried to double our rate.

*Hotel Manager insisted we pay a $100USD fee to be able to use a bathroom on the same floor as the hotel room or face going up 8 floors to use the "shared" one up there

*Ceiling was falling down and held together in some parts with packing tape.

*Walls/windows covered with old burlap bags and shopping bags

*could hear rats/rodents in ceiling at night

*major mold in bathroom and shower did not drain.

*the bed made you itch at night and gave my wife severe rash on her back that she still has one week later.

DO NOT STAY AT any hostel located at Chungking Mansions,

No36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,

Kowloon, Hong Kong booked through

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I booked there because I saw that the prices were reasonable and that the photos were damn nice. So I booked for a few nights there. When I first reached the recpetionist, they showed me the room that they had prepared for me, but still other traveller's luggage were still there, I almost vomit ! Then, they asked me if I wanted to upgrade my room to a luxurious one, I said yes of course, but when they showed me the room, it was worst then the normal rooms, the beds were so small. I almost fainted. It totally ruined my whole trip. The bunk beds looked as though they were about to collapse anytime. The toilets were so small and the rooms was so cramped. The window grills had tissue papers all over them. YUCK. Refrigerators, HairDryers, FreeInternet, Bicycle, blah blah blah.. think of it .. a hostel so good ? FreeInternet ?? Poey ar !! Like Real .. No refrigerators inside the rooms !! I think the air-con doesn't even work at all .. I decided not to stay and refunded my money immediately . I went looking for a hotel(3star) immediately for 2 hours !! I could do so many things within the 2 hours ! DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE WEBSITE SAYS EXCEPT FOR TRAVELLERS' COMMENTS. I was tricked by the hostel . The room looked liked ghosts had haunted it before or whatsoever. JUST DO NOT BOOK THIS HOSTEL . BELIEVE ME .. I HAVE THE EXPERIENCES.

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Stay away from this hotel. The Oriental Pearl is 1 of 6 names for the Tai Wan hotel in Block A, 3rd Floor of the Cheung King Mansions, Nathan Road. The propriotor markets this slumb with the following names all leading to the same address.

Tai Wan Hotel (HK)

Oriental Pearl Hotel

Tsim Sha Tsui Hostel

Downtown Backpackers

Li's Hostel

Hong Kong Star Hotel

On arrival I requested to see the room before handing over my cash, this was met with some reluctance but he showed me the room. A quick glance around and all seemed ok (for the rate). After having paid, the manager then said that I would have to either pay more for this room or move to a smaller room. We did not move rooms or pay any extra but this took an hour of arguing.

On closer inspection the room was very dirty and the bathroom had clearly not been cleaned since the last guests. There was hair in the bath, the toilet was discusting and the floor had never been cleaned. The beds were thankfully clean and fairly comfortable but only a sheet was provided, I had to argue with the manager to get blankets.

The 'shower' was just a shower attachment, no hook or screen was provided so showers were taken kneeling down in the bath.

All in all this hotel should be avoided unless you can put up with the stress of dealing with the owner.

On the plus side the location in Kowloon was great.

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This hotel is the worst place I have ever stayed in my entire life. It doesn't even deserve the definition 'hotel'. The word that would best describe it is 'dump'.

It is located in a building which is full of cheap shops which are mainly owned by Indians and Arabians and you are constantly approached by creepy people trying to sell you fake watches and drugs as you make your way to the elevators. Some of them also pretend that it is them you have booked a room with and try to rip you off. It is not exactly the place where you feel safe.

On the floor where the room was located we saw (and smelled) that someone had urinated next to the elevators.

The rooms are tiny, dirty (the bedsheets have probably never been washed) and full of cockroaches and other creatures with more than 4 legs.

When we talked to the owner about the parasites in the room he found excuses like 'some other travelers must have brought these insects in their suitcases' and so on.

We left the hotel sooner than expected because we couldn't stay in this unsafe, unhygienic place for the entire time of our trip to Hong Kong.

The owner of the 'hotel' only refunded us one night and also made more than sure that he would get really mad if we shared our experience of the 'Oriental Pearl Hotel' with any other travelers coming to Hong Kong.

My suggestion is to stay away from this place and any other hotel/hostel located in this building (Chung King mansion) because it is likely that they are all run by the same owner.

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I was on a tight budget to attend a conference, and that's why I fell for the cheap rate offered by this self-acclaimed hotel. I booked it through the Chinese version of their website, which gives lower rates than the English version and promises that the discount on the paid total will be refunded once checked in.

I arrived in the midnight and told the hotel in advance that I was going to be at the hotel only at 2:00 am, but when I arrived, I didn't have the single room that I reserved! The hotel host put me to a double room, and when I asked about the discount, he got immediately angry at me. He told me that he was doing me a favor to offer me a double room, and that if I wanted the discount, I could get out and try to see if I could find another place at 2 am. When I asked for a full refund before moving to another hotel, his attitude softened and said he was not the one who was in charge of internet booking and had no authority to give me the discount (although I only saw him and his wife running this place).

Being unable to get the full refund and really tired after 20 hours of flight with transfers, I took the room and was told that the next morning I had to move to a single room. The double room was small with pubic hair in the wet bathroom and very noisy due to the street traffic, but it was almost heaven once I moved to the single! The whole room, including a tiny cell stuffed with a shower head directly above the toilet, was about 15m2. There was a window sealed by aluminum foil. In the midnight, I heard several times that buckets of water were poured from higher floors down through the small alley right next to my room. The bed linens were damp and smelly, so I wore my own jacket to sleep so as to avoid toughing them.

Even worse, my classmate booked at another website with a hotel under a completely different name. And guess what? We ended up in the same shitty prison (but she paid more)! And, she had bed bug bites all over her body and face after the first night! Over my three-night stay, I overheard at least 3 groups of guests arrived with reservations but were told that their reserved types of accommodation were not available and that they had to take other rooms.

it was definitely the most horrible and filthiest place I've been to. Hotel hosts had a horrible way of treating their guests. I wouldn't recommend this hotel at all!

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Firstly Hotel Tai Wan is not a hotel, it is a hostel / guest house with a choice of single / shared rooms.

Internet Booking


After looking at the pictures displayed on the internet I booked a standard single room via an online hotel broker for 6 nights for a price of around £14.45.

The rooms appeared to be basic but clean, and as I was intending only to spend a small amount of time in the hotel I thought that I could save some money on the accomodation and put it into other areas of the trip. There were no negative reviews on the hotel booking web site, so I thought that I would take a chance, go ahead and book it.

After all, it couldnt be that bad.....could it???



Hotel Tai Wan is located within a large block of retail and residential units called Chung King Mansions based on Nathan Road in Kowloon. Now, I use term `residential` rather loosely because the only occupants who would choose to live here are the rats and cockroaches which seem to roam freely along the refuse ridden corridors.

Chung King Mansion


Basically, Chung King Mansions is the epicentre of drugs, crime & prostitution in Kowloon & HongKong.

It`s a huge warren of cheap shops, budget accomodation (doss houses) and restaurants.

The sheer volume of people crammed into this place,

poor air conditioning and sanitary conditions all combine to make this one of the most sqaulid places I have ever encountered. There is also an intense aroma of sickly sweet incense which overwhelms you, presumably to mask the underlying smell of sweat, food and human excrement.

ANYTHING can be obtained here ranging from hashish / fake rolex (being sold by the asian grifters) on the Chung King Mansion steps, through to street prostitutes.....its all here

Hotel Tai Wan


When arriving at "Hotel Tai Wan" I was obviously rather concerned by my choice of accomodation and asked to see the room before paying for it.

The old lady on reception told me to sit down and wait. I sat down for 20 minutes, which was a rather unwelcome delay after 16 hours of travel. Unable to wait any longer, I asked to see any room so I could get a taste of what I was letting my self in for.

She showed me a double room on the left of the reception. It looked like a prison cell, completely decked out in claret red ceramic tiles

(presumably to mask the blood spatters).

At the far end of the room there were two barred windows, boarded up with what looked to be

road signs. The mattresseses were thin and stained with some human fluid. The toilet had not been cleaned and there was urine from the previous occupants, still in toilet bowl.

The grand finale was when she demonstrated the "Air Conditioning" which consequently bellowed plumes of white smoke....

At that point I realised that there are several things could happen.

I`m either going to be

a) Robbed

b) Raped

c) Murdered

d) Asphyxiated by the aircon

e) Any combination of the above

I thought I`m going to GTF out of there, right now.

The owner insisted that I paid $300 hk as a "cancellation fee" and I didnt argue.



Just dont do it.

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This hostel was far from what advertised it as. We had a double room booked, which consisted of a very small single bed, underneath which were suitcases, not belonging to us, which were padlocked up. This alone made me uneasy, having other peoples things in our room! Not only were we given a single bed, we were left with one minnie mouse towel, which was torn and stained (brown stains!). We didn't even want to touch it, let alone use it.

It was not filled with travellers or tourists, and we did not feel at all welcome or comfortable staying there. We felt very out of place.

The worst thing is that on the pictures made it look like a decent hostel for s decent price. I don't know what the photos are of, but they certainly were not representative of the hostel in any way!!!

We ended up staying up the entire night and checking out at 8am.

Unless you are prepared for an uncomfortable and unpleasant but cheap stay, I would not recommend this hostel at all!

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It was the worst hotel we've ever been. We traveled around the world and stayed in around 10 diferent hotels and this one was the worst choice we could ever made. Although the location was good. The room itself was disgusting. We think they never cleaned up the room, it was smelly, dirty and the bed was uncomfortable.

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I stayed at Li's Hostel after checking out the reviews on It seemed to be the highest-rated hostel, so I thought I'd be OK. The photos looked pretty sweet as well, as did their advertisement about having in-room refridgerators and items like that. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!

The first room they booked me in looked as though someone went crazy with brown packing tape -- it was taped to the ceiling, all over the place, to keep the vinyl siding from falling. The bathroom shower stall door was also completely broken and was placed thoughtfully at the back of the stall. So whenever you wanted to take a shower, you had to move the door from the back to prop it against the shower stall railing. And just hope that not too much water would spray out (or that the glass door might fall inwards into the shower and hit you while you had soap in your eyes). The room also didn't have a window (well, unless you count a glass pane boarded up with foil to prevent your neighbour from spying on you from their room on the other side of the "window").

The second room was much better -- much smaller, with a shower in a tiny space that got the toilet wet when stood to shower between the sink and the bathroom door -- but it had its own window and the air-conditioning was pleasantly cool. It was still, however, NOTHING like the photos on

I wrote to to ask to write a review but never received a response. Most of the reviews on the site read as though they're written by the owners!

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