About HotelFoo

HotelFoo aggregates traveler reviews, photos, and contact details for thousands of hotels in China. We collect information from users like you, and from a number of other sources.

During our own travels around China, we found it difficult to determine where to stay. Reviews were spread across many web sites, as were maps, photos, and phone numbers. We created HotelFoo to help people find this information in one spot and easily book the best hotel for them.

HotelFoo is written by two friends who met in college at Caltech.

The name, the two words Hotel Foo, is a joke for computer scientists. The word "foo" is a placeholder name in computer programming, much like "John Doe" might be used to refer to an anonymous person. For those who prefer to remember it as "hotel fu" like "kung fu", HotelFu.com will also go to our site.

Follow our news on the HotelFoo blog! We will be writing updates, and sharing what we've learned during development.